Drawlloween 2017, the Beginning

Drawlloween 2017 batch 1Here’s my first batch of Drawlloween 2017 cards. I guess technically I only had to draw, not paint, but I like things to seem finished.

These are prompts 2 and 1 on the top row (Summon Day and Return from the Dead), and prompts 5 and 4 on the bottom (Full Moon Follies and Pumpkin Wicked This Way Comes).

Trying to do a bunch of witchy things in particular this time around, as the prompts allow. Because I can. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get around to the #summerwitchsona prompt yet, and we’re into autumn, but I guess I can do it any time I want. Or so Phrixy says.

Below is the Drawlloween calendar we’re following this year for iATCs. Last year I got all the awards for doing completing it, so I feel like I need to keep up that streak now. lol Anyhow, I printed this out and I’m crossing them off like a bingo card.

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People of the Forest ATCs

Well, that was a bit of a gap in my posting… Sorry. I’ve been making travelers notebook things and got a bit wrapped up in it. I started doing laminated folders and different sizes than my usual cahier ones. They’ll be uploaded to Etsy soon.

People of the Forest 2017 I was going to drop out of this People of the Forest swap because I got a bit squeezed by the deadline. Last week was Bootcamp at work, and I was feeling swamped even though we really did very well with managing everything. Tired and needed to recuperate on the weekend. Then… my cards just happened. Partly inspired by Ghibli (obviously), and partly just my own stuff. These are all watercolour and ink pens.

I particularly like the Forest Lord in the upper right. He just came out nicely, I think.

And of course I had to do some kodama. It’s a must. 🙂

Next I’m starting Drawlloween for the iATCs challenge.

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Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse in Toronto was underwhelming. My photos of the sun don’t really show the 80% coverage we had here. The light was still fairly bright, but odd. I put my large milky quartz out to absorb some of the energy in the back garden of our building.



We had such strange crescent patterns of light and shadow thrown by the trees and leaves which I see were reported all over by my Facebook friends.

We couldn’t see it in our yard, but this is the neighboring yard on the other side of the big tree.

And of course since there was not only the eclipse but a new moon, I had some art journaling to do. The eclipse and new moon are all about what you’re ready to give up and how you use these things to sabotage yourself.

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Photography and Orange

Polaroid and Orange LionThought I’d get ahead on my deco signing! A very simple Polaroid design for a photography deco, and a lion for an orange monochromatic book.

These aren’t my favourite pieces, but they’re done and ready to go. I’m second-guessing the outline along the side of the lion’s face now. Blah.

I’m also working on a piece from a workshop with Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers. Anyhow, it was about Big Ideas vs Structure, and allowing yourself to dream your big dreams instead of always needing to confine them. It mixed with the chaos of the lunar eclipse in Aquarius for me, and navigating those rough waters. I can choose my dream if I want to, simple as that. But what do I want? That’s the core question, and the root of what is leaving me adrift.

I decided that it’s called The Dream and the Chaos. It’s living in my Cosmic Smashbook.

The Dream and the Chaos by IceKat

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August Decos

So… I just sold the Ganesha travelers notebook last week, and another Samhain Zine yesterday. Which leads me to think that I really ought to get at making more of both! So I got out my paints and naturally I painted decos. Because logic.

NoCat_koi_voodooThe top image I call No. Cat, for an Emotions deco. I think that feeling No counts as an emotion. Ask a 2 year old. lol This one is watercolour with white and black Sharpie.

The koi is for a Beneath the Waves deco. I used coloured pencils mostly for that one, on purple card stock. Accented with black Sharpie.

The voodoo doll was done in a Dark themed deco. I love voodoo dolls, though I have no idea why. I just find them cute for some reason. He’s watercolour with Micron outlines.

Anyhow, these are a start on this month’s swap. I don’t have my partner yet, so I’ll have to check then if I need to switch any out and do more (if the receiver is the owner of any of these). That’s okay. I like doing decos, and they can always go out another time. 🙂

I also stuck in my envie my own decos: Werewolves, and Guillermo del Toro Monsters. OMG do I love him. There’s going to be an exhibit of del Toro monster stuff at our art gallery soon, and I HAVE to go.

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Corset and Fairy Tale Decos

I needed to do a couple decos to send out my swap package for July, so I drew them last night and painted them this morning.

The first is for a corset themed deco, and I had the urge to do a chubby mermaid. Somehow I feel like she looks a bit more like a body builder than chubby. Weird. I’ll have to work on that if I’m going to do a chubby girls colouring book.

The second is for a twisted fairy tales deco. I know the thing about the kittens losing their mittens isn’t actually a fairy tale, but whatever. I originally was going to do more of a bondage theme, but I wasn’t feeling it when it came down to drawing, so it is what it is.

Packing it up and shipping it out! The other ones in the package are a couple of mine from my making binge, and one with a blasphemy theme that wasn’t doing it for me. I just passed. Meh.

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New Moon in Leo Spread

In my tradition, the new moon is for releasing what is unneeded, and for breaking down obstacles. I really love the Fire element, and the act of burning symbolic lists, writings, photos, etc resonates with me greatly.

I actually miss having a yard so that I can burn more than a page or so. I would really like to burn my old gratitude journal to release that energy.

Anyhow, this is a full double page spread in my Cosmic Smash Book. Click to read and see the details.

I’m finding that the art journaling and writing has really been working for me lately, because I can say what I need and feel without worrying about what someone else has to say. I am feeling better.

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Woman Unleashed Art Journal Pages

I love the Woman Unleashed online retreat, because there are so many interesting presenters, and they leave the videos up long enough for me to at least take notes and doodle. I scanned a couple pages that I’ve finished and coated with gel medium to protect them.

I’m not scanning any pages that are just notes and little doodles, just the paintings.

Reclaiming Bird by IceKatFirst is this cute bird from the Tamara Laporte (Willowing) episode.

I gave it a crown to go with my reclaiming my sovereignty theme I’ve been working on. It’s happy in the night, not scared. And under the branch it says “I stand in my power. The darkness embraces me, and there I see the stars!”

I don’t normally draw or paint cutesy things for myself (unless it’s the theme of a deco book I’m signing), so I had to make myself finish this with the reminder that it’s about the process and the message behind it, not the cutesy bird, per se.

Anyhow, I don’t mind this birdy now that it’s done.

Body Invitation The second finished thing is this page. It began with an invitation to tell my body something and then an invitation for my body to tell me something. After that we drew a body while listening for messages, and then painted it with minimal colours of our choice. The theme was about knowing joy and listening to our bodies.

I like this page even though it’s not my usual thing in terms of style and colours. I do like goddess type imagery, so there’s that. 🙂

This class was led by Shiloh Sophia, and was called Embodied Succulence. I really would like to study intentional creativity with her one day. I really like her energy.

The lioness session of course turned into a lion meditation, as I have a close connection to Maahes (son of Bast).

Lion Joy I don’t like when the old tropes about lions are cited still, as we know a lot more about lions than we used to. Male lions are not just lazy baby-making machines. Anyhow. This session was about your joy and power, strength, confidence, etc.

What is my joy? Creating. So my lion carries paintbrushes, pens, and pencils, and wears a crescent moon on his brow.

I am thinking of adding the keywords in gold in the background, but since I added the gel coating, that will have to wait and see if the pen will work on top once it’s dry.

In any case, no regrets for letting this guy come forth instead of the lioness we were directed to do.

MelusinaThis is my Melusina spread so far. I want to add more art and notes, but my hand has had it for now. If you want to know more about her, try enlarging the image and read the class notes on the right page. 🙂

I was relieved to realize that my hand is happy to hold a pen, pencil, or brush and work that way, since it’s not so happy with computer input devices so far. Trying to be patient, as it’s only been a month since my CT surgery and the wound is still healing.

Also, I’m trying out chair yoga in an effort to get around to regular yoga once I’m more flexible and can manage getting up and down from the floor. Yay for YouTube videos!

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery

June 16th 2017 I had my carpal tunnel release surgery. This was done with local anesthetic only, which was fine.

The tugging was disturbing for sure, but really I couldn’t feel anything at all that was actually going on. Hearing them talking about the insides of my hand was… icky.

I only knew they had stitched me up because the doctor was talking to the intern about technique. And then… lots of thick bandages all taped down. Pixie gave me kisses when I got home. My fingers were very frozen and uncomfortable, but not painful.

Today I got the bandage off (yay!) and stitches out. I was surprised at what it looked like, because the surgery was supposed to be two small incisions but the stitches were holding a wound about two inches long at the base of my palm. No wonder it’s been so sore!

Looks like about 7 stitches, I think it was. They kept catching in the bandages, which bothered me a lot when I moved my hand in a rotating manner. So glad they’re gone.

And here’s what it looks like after the stitches came out. I’m supposed to keep it covered with big patch Band Aids until it’s fully closed. I felt the clipping but not the pulling out because the area has lingering numbness. I guess that’s not so bad.

I met with the physio therapist to get some exercises to help my healing and control, though the doctor said my range of motion is good. There are more I have to do to help the inflammation and scarring after the wound is closed.

The base of my thumb is feeling constantly numb-ish and tired, as if I’ve been using it a lot when I haven’t been. So, I’m allowed to only be using my hand in small batches over the day. Typing and mousing are okay, but I’m not satisfied yet with my control with a pen. I will have to work on that!

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May Deco Sendout

Sexy Cruella deco pageUp all night watching reruns of Friends while I work on deco books to send out to my May partner. I had to do extra because I sent the ones I had done out to CatPratt with the one that was going home. 🙂

So first we have Cruella de Ville for a sexy villains deco. I made her bustier than her bony Disney self and took away the manic smile.

I cut her out and glued her to the scrapbook paper page in the book. Phrixy’s Kylo is in this book too. I kind of like that they’ll be traveling together. I really miss doing art with her on the regular. It’s really comfortable and enjoyable.

Forest Goddess deco pageThe Forest Goddess is for a nature goddess deco. I tried to keep her colours really natural, like no scarlet lips and such. The little antlers appeal to me, of course, and I couldn’t resist giving her elfin ears.

The rest I’m sending off was a pass on author portraits (I’m just not ready for portraits), and my own decos heading out into the world.

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