NaNoWriMo Winner

It was my first year doing NaNo, and I won! Admittedly, I had a strong sense of where the story was going, so getting my daily word count in wasn’t too painful at all. I mean, I used to write RP lines for hours on end, and didn’t sweat it. I didn’t exactly plot this one out, and some scenes were just tossed onto the end of my count so I didn’t waste time figuring out where they needed to go. I can just slot them in when I do my revision, and add anything needed to smooth it into place. I watched a lot of people switch from pantsers to plotters in the S&S NaNo group from having beats to work from. I can see the value. I think just having worked out my story in advance really helped. There weren’t any mysteries to solve for mid-writing, so there’s that.

I really like the daily writing habit, and the word count stacked up nicely. My story is longer than the required 50k to win, but that will come as I revise and add more scenes so things aren’t too A-B-C. I sort of took the direct route with the narrative so as not to get lost on the way when I was on a deadline. Now I can fluff it at my leisure.

I think I may do this again on my own to get some momentum going with my books. Prior to this I’d had quite a hiatus with the writing, albeit to load up my Etsy shop… Still, I love writing, and I want to do it more often. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and this was all for book 2 of the Sacrifice (Tash and Jhody) series, which I don’t have a name for yet.

Update: Last week I sold the Kodama TN from my shop! Yay!

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New TNs in the Shop

Unicorn standard TN frontI added a couple new pieces to the Etsy shop for the Black Friday sale, going on until the end of the month. These went up on Monday, but I only now got to posting them here.

I knew I wanted to make something kind of girly and cute, and unicorns seem to be popular. I didn’t have any decent art in my files, so I painted a new watercolour piece specifically for this project.

This one has a piece from one of the bracelets I showed in my last post as a dangle on the elastic closure.

The second TN has been hanging around here for a while waiting to be finished. It just kept sliding to the bottom of the pile.

Peacock cahier TNIt has a real dyed peacock feather on the cover, sealed with gel medium to keep it in place. It has a resin-y finish now, and glitter in the gel medium because… honestly, some glitter got loose from a shaker pocket project and I needed somewhere to put it. lol

This one has one of my handmade boho charms as the closure dangle. I had to take 2 stabs at the folder because the first one went crumply inside, but the second one has a bit of bubbling on the outside. Ugh. Trying to make friends with my laminator is work.

So, today I sold the Kodama TN, and will be making it a dashboard and extra tags before it heads out the door. Some of the first books don’t have all the goodies, so that will be a weekend project for me.

I’m really happy it is finding a home. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Embellishment Hack

This is just a quickie post to show some goodies I grabbed on my last trip to Dollarama. These bracelets were all $3 and under, and have some nice beads and dangles that will fit on travelers notebook elastic enclosures. I wanted some variety, so I just cut these up and threw them into a ziplock baggie so I can just grab what I want.ย  There’s a really great assortment from only 4 pieces, so I’m pretty happy with this mini haul. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Doctor Who Lands at Etsy

Also in my pile of half-done projects were these cute Doctor Who themed travelers notebooks. They’re in my Etsy shop now…

First is a galaxy TARDIS passport sized travelers notebook. I am avoiding doing specific Doctors because keeping up with everyone’s faves would just be a royal pain! So the TARDIS is nicely non-specific.

I love this galaxy background! It also came from Shutterstock, and has a painterly look up close, with some canvas weave showing through. The closure has a wee ring of keys on it.

The booklets are decorated to match, and the folder (not shown here) is also a galaxy design and is packed with goodies as usual. The dashboard is made from a shot of the night sky in purply tones that I love, and it goes with the colours in the galaxy paper.

I even made some paperclips with sparkly blue fibers on them for my Doctor Who books, and they will include some cutouts of various related journaling cards that are just a gift from me to the buyer.

Did I mention that I love that dashboard paper? ๐Ÿ˜€

The second of these is another upcycled hardcover book, decorated to emulate River Song’s journal. Well, I did my best, anyhow. It has a real key clipped to the closure, which you can move to the spine if you prefer.

Spoilers, sweetie!

This one is standard sized, with a little space for tabs (which are included, of course).

This one has one insert, a folder, a dashboard like the one above, and the usual goodies loaded into the folder pockets. Most of the items aren’t shown here.

For more images of each of these travelers notebooks, prices, and more details, head over to my Etsy shop and have a browse.

Watch for upcoming sales!

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Filling up Etsy

With the holidays coming up, I figured I better get a bunch of new stock in my shop! I’ve had so many travelers notebooks on the go, there are a bunch taking up space in my work area. So here are the first two headed to the shop…

First is a little passport sized Moon Witch book, based on my own artwork. It has 2 inserts, and a secondary theme of bats to decorate the folder and one of the booklets. I really like it a lot, because witchy bats for the win! Since taking this photo, I added a little clear dangle bead like a crystal ball, which hangs from the closure elastic.

There’s a silver metal spiral in the bottom right corner, which I originally had hanging on the elastic… but it didn’t want to stay there. I really wanted it for this book, so I stuck it on instead. ๐Ÿ™‚


The background paper is a Shutterstock download, which I thought was cute.ย The second photo shows some of the included goodies. I say ‘some’ because I keep going back and adding things, like decorative paperclips, dashboards, and whatnot. I am in LOVE with the paper on the booklet with the gold bats and stars and moon. I need to make myself one, just because. <3

The second TN is a deluxe, and it’s made from a thick, old Reader’s Digest hardcover. I left the cover as-is, stains and all because it just looks so vintage (it is!). I covered the spine because I just prefer not to have book titles there when I make these. There’s a butterfly on the elastic closure. Anyhow, this whole thing has a pretty floral theme that looks lovely for a wedding/handfasting planner, or maybe a gardening planner.

I call this one deluxe because I’ve added 3 booklets, a folder, a dashboard, and tons of tabs, tags, clips, and other goodies. You can see the folder in this second image:

For more images of each of these travelers notebooks, prices, and more details, head over to my Etsy shop and have a browse.

Watch for upcoming sales!

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#octBOSchallenge Jack O LanternsSo I’m in the midst of a 5 Dayย #octBOSchallenge fromย @gypsywytchdiaries.ย I learned about it on YouTube, and I’m certainly a sucker for challenges that help me get things done. I’ve never had trouble getting autumn pages done, but not so much spring and summer. I really need a challenge for those seasons to get my witchy journal filled.

Day 1: Jack O’Lanterns.
This page is a reminiscence of Halloween with my mom when I was little. I love pumpkin seeds to this day. Unfortunately, store bought seeds tend to be too salty for me.

#octBOSchallenge What is a Witch?Day 2: What is a Witch?
Here I just wrote about some of the things that matter to me as a pagan. I missed out a lot, but this is a topic that has filled books, let alone pages. I might revisit this topic later to help fill out the things I neglected here.

The image here is based on my #witchsona, such as it is. The cats are Parsa, Poet (Noosh), and Pixie. And naturally my wand is a paintbrush!

I quiet like how this came out over all. The splatters do make it harder to read on a screen, but in person the colours are more distinct.

#octBOSchallenge GhostsDay 3: Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Yeah… I’m not sure. I believe in the possibility of ghosts, just like I believe in the possibility of aliens or life on other planets.

I DO believe in other planes of existence, but not necessarily that the entities there are versions of humans after (or before, for that matter) they’ve passed on from here.

Scary ghosty movies are pretty great, as you can tell from my Asian ghost girl on this page. I do love creepy things. I’m pretty sure I don’t want them inhabiting my house, though…


#octBOSchallenge Third Harvest Day 4: Third Harvest Thoughts
This one needed a spread to itself. It’s been a hard, hard year emotionally but things are finally looking up. Partly because I’m ready for it now. **Deep breath and sigh of relief.**

I just painted the background and added stickers of autumn leaves so I could focus on the content this time more than the decoration of the page.

#octBOSchallenge Shadow WorkBonus: There was a video posted talking about shadow work and integration there of, so I did a bonus page just in case it was the Day 5 prompt. It was not.

I don’t mind because I needed to think about this, about how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned. Sometimes things like this are a happy accident. Sometime things need to be articulated again to oneself.

Therapy really has helped. Yes, I could tell myself all these things, but hearing it from someone else is validating. Because who am I to give permission, you know what I mean? It’s rough.

#octBOSchallenge Life CycleDay 5: Yes the real Day 5. It’s all about the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Because I was in nature so much as a kid, I sort of took it for granted as a teen when I began exploring Wicca and women’s spirituality. The deities really appealed to me and Cernunnos particularly struck me. I was watching a lot of Robin of Sherwood, and the character of Herne the Hunter was pretty intriguing.

Anyhow, that’s it. I’m done. Looking forward to more of these challenges.

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More Drawlloween

Drawlloween2017 batch2Here is my second batch of cards: #3 Tombsday, #6 Folklore Friday–Banshee, #7 Cobweb Crawler, #8 Deep Sea Denizens–Anglerfish.

Looking for references for the spider wasn’t my favourite thing… I really don’t like them at all. I do admit that the… peacock spiders I think they’re called, those are interesting. I just don’t want to be near one.

The Banshee reminds me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, when they get right up in your face. LOL It was even more apparent when this card just had a grey wash.


Drawlloween2017 batch3#9 Fanged Fiends, cat; and #14 Owl Be Back.

Because of course I had to do a cat. And the owl isn’t meant to be any specific kind, just a random owl-shaped owl.

Total so far: 10

Yay! I qualified for the first badge for the challenge!

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Drawlloween 2017, the Beginning

Drawlloween 2017 batch 1Here’s my first batch of Drawlloween 2017 cards. I guess technically I only had to draw, not paint, but I like things to seem finished.

These are prompts 2 and 1 on the top row (Summon Day and Return from the Dead), and prompts 5 and 4 on the bottom (Full Moon Follies and Pumpkin Wicked This Way Comes).

Trying to do a bunch of witchy things in particular this time around, as the prompts allow. Because I can. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get around to the #summerwitchsona prompt yet, and we’re into autumn, but I guess I can do it any time I want. Or so Phrixy says.

Below is the Drawlloween calendar we’re following this year for iATCs. Last year I got all the awards for doing completing it, so I feel like I need to keep up that streak now. lol Anyhow, I printed this out and I’m crossing them off like a bingo card.

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People of the Forest ATCs

Well, that was a bit of a gap in my posting… Sorry. I’ve been making travelers notebook things and got a bit wrapped up in it. I started doing laminated folders and different sizes than my usual cahier ones. They’ll be uploaded to Etsy soon.

People of the Forest 2017 I was going to drop out of this People of the Forest swap because I got a bit squeezed by the deadline. Last week was Bootcamp at work, and I was feeling swamped even though we really did very well with managing everything. Tired and needed to recuperate on the weekend. Then… my cards just happened. Partly inspired by Ghibli (obviously), and partly just my own stuff. These are all watercolour and ink pens.

I particularly like the Forest Lord in the upper right. He just came out nicely, I think.

And of course I had to do some kodama. It’s a must. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next I’m starting Drawlloween for the iATCs challenge.

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Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse in Toronto was underwhelming. My photos of the sun don’t really show the 80% coverage we had here. The light was still fairly bright, but odd. I put my large milky quartz out to absorb some of the energy in the back garden of our building.



We had such strange crescent patterns of light and shadow thrown by the trees and leaves which I see were reported all over by my Facebook friends.

We couldn’t see it in our yard, but this is the neighboring yard on the other side of the big tree.

And of course since there was not only the eclipse but a new moon, I had some art journaling to do. The eclipse and new moon are all about what you’re ready to give up and how you use these things to sabotage yourself.

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