ATC Alternatives Challenge

For this iATCs challenge, you had to make 1 skinny page (3×7″), 2 twinchies (2×2″), one chunky (4×4″), and one Gothic Arch that fit 4×6″. So basically, all the standard items except an ATC. πŸ˜€ Yeah, I know, there are some things that weren’t included. Frankly I’m glad we didn’t do inchies, because those are too small for me.

Sorry this scan is tipped a little. I decided the stained glass dragon Gothic arch would fit into a fantasy deco I had on hand, so I used it for that, and it can move along to the next artist. The pages inside were black, so I outlined this with white Sharpie so it would stand out a little.

Next I did the skinny page and twinchies with a moon/cosmos theme. The skinny page ended up filled in with info about the April Pink Full Moon, for my witchy journal book I’ve been featuring on my site.

These will also probably show up in my moon embellishments pack I’ve been mucking about with. Eventually I’ll put it up as a digital product on Etsy. Yay!

Last of all is a chunky I made for with Phrixy’s birthday present. It’s a painting of Noosh/Poet, one of our cats who likes to talk toΒ her on the phone when she gets home from work at night. It’s very cute. Whenever the phone rings now, Noosh starts meowing and running to me to get her chance to talk. She’ll try to talk to anyone just in case it might be her other mommy. You never know.


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Ready to Go Decos

So I spent a while prepping some deco books to go out, to round out packages going to new players at any given time. I was in the mood, so I took some images from ATCs and such I’d painted, along with other inspirations, and slapped together some booklets. The covers are mostly made from those advertising postcard-type things you get in the mail, which makes them nice and sturdy. I covered that with scrapbook paper, and then decorated them. πŸ™‚

Here are a couple shots of the finished batch. Click them to get a larger view. You might recognize some of the images I used on the covers here. I have lots more that haven’t been decorated/themed yet! Probably 20, I’d say. Whew!

Now to work on the books I need to pass on…


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Mail Art Madness

Okay, so maybe that title is hyperbole. But that’s okay. I’ve got my package prepped to send out to my March swap partner for decos. This image is from a round deco called Sea Songs. I quite liked that book for its shape and interesting images.

I also have the last page in a book of Bird on my Shoulder theme, so I’m confirming the proper address to send it to while I work on my page. I’ve never sent a book home before, so it’s kind of exciting. I hope some of mine make it home before I move. πŸ™‚

crow on my shoulder decoAnd here is my Crow on my Shoulder page for that above-mentioned deco. Tomorrow it will be on its way home!

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Goddess Swap

So February was slow for me. I didn’t really do any art at all after the frenzy to do the January 30 paintings challenge. My carpal tunnel pain was really acting up, and I just needed a break.

At the start of March, I got my first Etsy sale, which is exciting! Now that I’m getting that sorted out, I’m looking forward to more sales. πŸ™‚

Nasty Woman Goddess and Dahlia deco pageI entered CatPratt’s goddess shape swap. We all have to use the same Nile goddess shape she supplied for us.

The pink pussy hat on the Nasty Woman goddess is removable to preserve the shape for the swap. Did I mention that I got myself one of those shirts for my birthday? It supports Planned Parenthood. I’m happy about that.

Next to her is a dahlia I painted for a deco book for this month’s deco swap.


Springtime and Bast goddesses

Next are my Springtime goddess, with flowers and dragonflies, and bits of drifting spring fluff, and my Bast goddess. Her hair and ears are also a removable hat.

I like that I did two people-type goddesses and two that are decorative within the shape.

I have the option of doing 3 more for the swap, but I think I’ll hold off on that for now.

The last goddess is my Cosmos goddess. I decided after making my cosmos traveler’s notebook cover that I like to paint outer space sometimes. πŸ™‚

Cosmos goddessSo at the moment I’m just finishing up watching Nine Lives. Not the best movie but the cat is cute. My cats all come running when they hear meows and yowls on my computer, so they’ve been a constant menace while I’ve been posting this and trying to scan the art. Good grief! Sometimes Phrixy sends me videos on purpose of kittens crying just to get them riled up. *headshake*


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I win!

WITCH and fancy fox by IceKat

WITCH and fancy fox by IceKat

Finally finished my last 4 paintings for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, and my carpal tunnel problems are glad to be done with the whole thing! I thought last night I wasn’t going to make it, I was in so much pain. Today I took it a bit slower and managed to complete #27-30. Whew!

So the first two are a protesting witch, whose originated from an image I saw online of an anonymous group. I loved the idea and had to do just one more protest piece for this challenge. The next is a fancy fox based on Phrixy’s character, Campbell, who is an aristocratic, shapeshifting vampire. These two are both ATC sized.

steampunk woman deco by IceKat

steampunk woman deco by IceKat

Next is a steampunk lady for a deco book. My hand wasn’t happy with doing the line work this morning, but there it is. I really wanted to do a lot more detail because… steampunk, but I just couldn’t manage it. It’s still here, so maybe I’ll fiddle with it more another time. You know, when I’m bored. Hahahaha!

I believe that one is a 4×4″ piece. You can see in the upper left corner that it’s held together with some chain, which is kinda cool. And of course I had to do a peacock feather for colour, because I can’t help myself. πŸ™‚

Blue Tiger deco by IceKat

Blue Tiger deco by IceKat

Okay, last of all, but certainly not least, is a cute blue tiger I did for a larger deco book of big cats and monkeys. Naturally I chose to do a cat. Because duh. Again, I can’t help myself.

I really like how this one came out. I may have to print out a copy for myself. He is based on a photo. I say ‘he’ like I have a clue. I dunno, it strikes me as a he for whatever reason.

So that’s it. I win a digital rosette on my signature over at the iATCs forum. But more importantly I finished with a lot of deco books, and sent out a couple envelopes full to other people. One was asked for, and one will be a surprise when the recipient gets it. LOL I hope she doesn’t mind. Surprise art! Make more art!

Anyhow, that’s that. I’ll probably rest my hands a while before taking up another challenge. But I must say, the art on that challenge thread was outstanding. Truly. Wow, guys. Bravo!

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More Decos

#24-26 for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Whew… Almost there. Zombie Cheshire for a zombie fairytales deco, Bad Wolf for fairytale animals, and a Crystal Goddess.

Next challenge, I really need to get ahead at the start. LOL

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Batch 2 of Decos Today

Rainy Cat and Kawaii Orca decos by IceKat

Rainy Cat and Kawaii Orca decos by IceKat

Getting there bit by bit… #20-22. Rainy Cat for a in the rain deco. I just couldn’t imagine anything but a Grumpy Cat type cat. And next to that is a Kawaii Orca for a kawaii ocean deco.

I kind of wish I could get a look at these ones at the end of their journeys. That’s a bit of a sad thing with doing decos, that you never get to see the whole thing when they’re finished and full of yummy artwork.

Marmalade Cat deco by IceKat

Marmalade Cat deco by IceKat

This Marmalade Cat is for an open theme deco, which means you can draw whatever you want to. I was feeling catty. LOL

Only 8 more to go, and a couple days to do it in. Go, me!






puffin by IceKat

puffin by IceKat

Edit: Okay this is a puffin for my mom.Β She moved to Newfoundland and has been joking about getting a pet puffin. When she went to see them, they had already migrated, so clearly her puffin would need a hat and scarf.

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Another Batch of Decos

Pastel Goth and Candy decos by IceKat

Pastel Goth and Candy decos by IceKat

…also known as “Oh shit, I only have a few days left for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge!” LOL

So I’m working on deco books because those are fairly small and easy to do. And I like having different themes to play with. So round 1 today we have #17-19: Pastel Goth, Candy, and Hot Sauce (or as I call it, cock sauce).

Someone on Facebook turned me on to the show This is Us, and I can’t stop watching it. So good. It’s keeping me company while I paint today. What an amazing and touching show.

Hot Sauce deco by IceKat

Hot Sauce deco by IceKat

I like the Hot Sauce piece the best out of these three. Oh well. Maybe it’s the colours. Maybe it’s the tacos. Mmm… tacos…

Okay, back to the grind! I have 11 more pieces to do, and I mean to get them done this weekend!

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Gumpy Cat Hat Scrolling through Facebook, thinking about how far behind I am on my 30 paintings in 30 days for iATCs… and this happened. Somehow I think Grumpy Cat would totally approve.

#16 for 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge for January.

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30 Paintings & Art Journaling

Chubby Cats deco book cover by IceKat.

Chubby Cats deco book cover by IceKat.

So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to sign up for the January 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge at iATCs. It has coincided with my participation in the Come to the Fire art journal class I’ve started, and some other things, so I thought Suuuuure… why not? It’ll be fun, they said, you’ll like it, they said…Β What else have you got to do with your time? And besides, I have a lot of deco books to get moving along out of here. *sigh…

Here are some of my paintings so far. A lot of them are for deco books in this batch.

Pan and Delirium by IceKat.

Pan and Delirium by IceKat.

Above is a chubby cat made on a little cardboard cutout. I made a few of those shapes, though I can’t remember for the life of me what they were originally for. LOL

Pan for a Greek Myths book, and Delirium for a Sandman the Endless book were a couple faves to draw and paint up. I’ve probably drawn Pan most of the male deities, and Bast for females.

funky girlNext is a funky girl for… I believe it was CatPratt’s book. I don’t especially like her but I’m including it for the sake of completely documenting my 30 paintings.

I was trying for a silly maybe sort of Harajuku kind of look but it didn’t really hit the mark for me. That’s okay, lots more books to take a shot at these sorts of things.

Cake by the Ocean by IceKat

Cake by the Ocean by IceKat

Cake by the Ocean for a book of lyrics. I had fun with this one, as you can tell from all the little details on the cake. Fancy cakes are both amusing and tedious to draw. LOL

Admittedly, I enjoyed doing the background too. Sea and sky are nice to paint, and remind me of the landscapes I started off learning when I was taking oil painting lessons. I still try to handle watercolours a bit like oils, and it’s difficult sometimes to get it right.

So that’s 5 down.

Release and receive meditation by IceKat

Release and receive meditation by IceKat

#6 brings us to art journal paintings based on meditations. Some I’ll explain more than others. This one is based on a year end exercise by Effy Wild. On the left your write all over the page the things you want to release from the past year. Everything, writing one way, then turning the page and writing at an angle to that. Then on the right side you do the same but with things you want to be open to receiving.

After that, you paint over the words. My winter scene features the sacred Yule deer. Deer and stags have been popping up for me in different ways lately. This is a spread from my spell book project.

lion journal cover by IceKat

lion journal cover by IceKat

#7 Next we have the cover of my cosmic smash book from the Come to the Fire course. Lions are my deep totem animal, and spirals really speak to me. He didn’t come out as I pictured, but that’s okay. He looks more kindly than fierce, which I’ll grudgingly admit is more me. His mane is meant to be fiery.

I’ve since added some flat-backed gems that match on the right side corners, and ribbons and charms on the spine. You can see the red string I started with for the middle spread, which is based on the red thread concept where everyone is connected. It’s quantum. It’s a lot to explain here.

grounding page by IceKat

grounding page by IceKat

#8 The center spread of this journal is my grounding page. Earth for me is grounding, and I picture roots and the slow pulse of a heart deep in the ground. There’s a gold spiral on the heart, which didn’t come out because of the angle of the pages and the flash. My handprints were done in gold paint (so fun to keep finding that for days!). The idea is to be able to lay your hands on the page and get that feeling any time.


Roots and Sprouts meditation by IceKat

Roots and Sprouts meditation by IceKat

#9 The roots and spouts meditation was part of the Woman Unleashed program this year, and was led by Deanna L’am.

I didn’t capture the pulsing sensation that went with this one, but that’s fine. I like how this came out, and the sense of rootedness and the sprouting, and the tender fresh colours of the sprout, which I wouldn’t normally use.

I sneaked this one into the same journal because it all feels like part of the same introspective work to me. The crumpled pages really worked with the feel of the earth, to me. It’s harder to paint on, and harder to get a more perfected look that I normally aim for, so it’s a challenge in more ways than just painting or just doing the meditation work.

The Torchbearers meditation by IceKat

The Torchbearers meditation by IceKat

#10 The Torchbearers was a meditation about choosing the things you want to burn up, and the things you want to celebrate, also from Woman Unleashed.

The idea here was to draw them all in loose form, not letting your pencil leave the page. I imagined painting it a lot more… tidily? More finished? I don’t know, but it didn’t want it and I let it be. I don’t think the line work was my sort of thing but I liked the lesson.

It was again speaking to me of Delight, which I sure haven’t had enough of in my life! I think I’ll embrace it.


Self-Mother meditation by IceKat

Self-Mother meditation by IceKat

#11 is Self-Mother, which came from a wonderful meditation on wounds and medicine. Chris Zydel taught this class in Woman Unleashed.

I LOVE this piece and how it feels, but I don’t really want to talk too much about my insights because they’re personal and not meant to involve anyone else. It’s about what I need and how I feel.

I do plan to use this meditation again in the future, because I found it really helpful and insightful. I even left some space in my book for the resulting drawings.

PS, yes, that’s my kitty Pixie in the painting. πŸ™‚

Showing Up 2017 by IceKat

Showing Up 2017 by IceKat

#12 is about how I want to show up in the world. Not that I necessarily want to be pegged as a witch, but I like the witchy hat just as a magical thinking hat. πŸ™‚ I like that idea. Anyhow, I scanned this before I wrote in all the little bits and pieces so that I wouldn’t feel stared at. But there are things written in all around the image in my journal.

Those are my 4 kitties because they figure greatly in my life. They are my companions and little buddies, and sometimes like my children. I can’t imagine my life without them.

There’s also a photo near my hand of my wifey-thing, so she’s there too.

Sovereignty meditation by IceKat

Sovereignty meditation by IceKat

#13 is from an amazing meditation on sovereignty, something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I never felt like I had any before, so I’m taking it now! Elayne Doughty led this one, and she’s wonderful! I love her energy, so I went and joined her Facebook group.

I like how this feels a bit like a tarot card. And more roots! The throne, heart, scepter, and orb all have meanings from the meditation, but that would again be long to get into.

Also, I’ve been thinking of doing a little crown tattoo sometime soon. Then this whole thing happened and I know I will.

My door and my gift by IceKat

My door and my gift by IceKat

#14 and 15: Okay, last one for now, folks. This meditation was to go see our Muse. We were then to paint the door we saw on the way, and the gift she gave us. I’m still working on my actual Muse, and I’m not sure if I want to share her at this point. Maybe later.

Anyhow, she first said to me “Don’t play small.” And then we received a red box holding the gift. My box was the gift, and it opened into this chest of many little drawers and the doors had shelves and it was very cool! She told me then that I have everything I need. I think on many levels that’s true.

Anyhow, that’s it for now! I have some catching up to do!


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