Inktober Start

So I decided I need to do more drawing as my skills are feeling rusty. Inktober would be perfect, right?

Naturally I’m a little behind, because there’s always so much to do even when you work from home. I had a couple editing clients in the middle of it all, but that’s good, right? I picked and chose my prompts from several lists I found, so that I could be working on things I’d like instead of feeling frustrated.

So these are a Midnight Unicorn, a Sugar Skull, an Elf Queen, and Cattitude.

I also needed to draw a couple characters from a future book I’m writing, because the image to me of a busted-nose bouncer type bodyguard looking after a 3 year old Genomo kid seemed adorable. So say hi to Sasha and Bijoux, who is the daughter of Hyacinth.

Yeah, the perspective is a little wonky, but at least I got it out of my head and onto the page. I’ll try to re-do it some time when I have the attention to spend.

So I haven’t continued with my drawings as yet, but I did record all my prompts so I can mess with it when I feel in the mood to take it up again.

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HUGE Lapbook In the Works

So I got started on my giant lapbook made with the books mentioned in my last post. I’m loving all the lapbooks I’ve seen online lately.

First I took out the pages, and then made a spine to connect the two books together in the middle so they fold out nicely. The spine is 3 inches across, and I reinforced all the spine hinges with Tyvek for strength over the long term.
On the front I pasted the labyrinth design I wanted to use, and traced it out with wool and glue to make it 3D. Over that I Mod Podged black tissue paper to keep everything in place. The idea is to smooth it out so that you can use it as a finger labyrinth when it’s done. There will be a lot of smoothing to do!

The entire book has been covered in tissue, and I’m working on a writing board and fold out envelope section for the far right side. I’ve installed the silk ribbons to tie in notebooks in travelers notebook style, and the ribbons to keep the whole thing closed.
I intend to have a usable Ouija board and Pendulum board inside, as well as a section for incense sticks, a pen, and other needful things. Basically, I’m hoping this will be useful as a take-along book of shadows or ritual workbook with places for all your basic gear and references or notes.

I’m loving it so far! More pictures to come as it progresses.

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Books for Deconstructing

I got some awesome books at a yard sale this past weekend. 2 have already been taken apart to create a lap book. HUUUUUGE lap book, it feels like. The spine I added is about 3″, and I’m working on a finger labyrinth for the front cover. I’m excited!

This will be a pagan lap book, with all sorts of interactive features. I’m really keen to work on it, but I’m trying to finish up what I have going, so that when I’ve got editing to do it won’t interfere with any swap deadlines and such. I’m currently doing a spell book swap on Facebook, which I’m really excited about. I found a group that does ‘alternative’ junk journals, and I love the darker themes.

Plus these books have great illustrations for doing botanical journals, should I be so inspired. Or, you know, birds. lol I used one of each so that if I want to refer to the herb book, I’d have one intact.

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Birthday Haul

Got my birthday money and blew it at Michaels! I can’t wait to make planner and Book of Shadows stuff. Cosmic/starry night/purple is my jam lately.

Dark Rainbow is one of my most fave paper stacks ever so I got 2! The glossy cosmic cover on the left is a letter sized scrap book I just had to have (it says Don’t Forget to Sparkle). I’m thinking of making it into some sort of BOS project, because 1 (or 5) just isn’t enough for me. There’s also a mermaid/beach stack called Just Beachy (to the left of Dark Rainbow) which was too pretty not to bring home. Chipboard covers and rings (bottom right) are in a 2-pack which just called to be played with. A little fantasy sticker pack called I Freakin’ Love Stickers is near the middle; a starry notebook that says ‘dreamer’ is to the right of that, and a couple sticker wallets (black) with stickers inside are to the left.

Not pictured is a tortoiseshell plastic cover notebook from the dollar store, which I got because it reminded me of leopard print.

Anyhow, I broke into the paper stacks to molest the prettiness, but the rest will have to wait for now. I have a proofing client this week, now that I’m over pink eye again and can see the damn screen without ice picks seeming to jab my eye.

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End of #100Days

I realized that I accidentally finished the #100DaysOfShenanigans challenge, and I didn’t even stop to celebrate! OMG Below are my several last art projects, and the rest of my #100 days were spent writing and editing my book project currently code named L1.

An embossed plastic Happy Planner bookmark with a deer, and 3 Monster High paperclips
Woman Unleashed art journal project with Tamara Laporte
Painting with Shiloh Sophia about messages from your body.
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Writing and Crafting Shenanigans

3 days of writing a Christmas story for Phrixy brings me up to Day 87 in #100DaysofShenanigans! It may one day appear in an anthology, as I’m thinking of exploring the winter holidays popular in Lupercalia. We shall see.

Then some stamping and die cutting brings us to Day 88 on Dec. 25. No pictures, sorry, but I’ll have some next time.

Merry Christmas!

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Up to Day 84 of Shenanigans

4 days of Shenanigans!

Day 81: The first is a booklet with 20 pages and pockets on the inside of the covers. The cover and pockets are made with a single sheet of 12 x 12″ cardstock. The paper is Sugarblush by Recollections.

I’m not normally into pink so much, but I have to confess that my character Jaymi has infected me a little bit. LOL There are some really pretty papers in this collection, including a pink fur texture.


Day 82: Second is a decorated box–I coloured the kitties and diecut the D and the glitter paper fuscia plaque. I have to say, that glitter paper has a sort of coating on it to keep the glitter in, and it’s not so easy to cut with the thinlet dies.

The kitties were stamped and then coloured with alcohol markers in colours my friend prefers for cats.

The box itself came from a pack I got at Dollarama. She likes bright colours or I swear I would never put all those together…

Day 83: Third is a sloth ornament made of felt. It’s based on an image I found online. I just drew it out by hand. I’m not entirely happy with the face, but I didn’t have the right colour of felt to do the eye patches.  I’d also have preferred to use a low-pile fur on the hat, but whatever. It’s done and ready to go to its new home.


Day 84: And last is a folder in the custom biz planner/workbook I made. This uses the Across the Galaxy paper stack by Recollections, which I love.

I made the covers and 4 dividers with folder on the reverse. It’s assembled with MAMBI Happy Planner discs. The covers are laminated, and made a little wide to accommodate the divider tabs.

I’ll try to remember to add more photos. The front says Shine like the Stars in gold on navy blue.

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2nd NaNoWriMo Win

I managed to complete my NaNoWriMo story in time, but a little short on words, so I worked on another story to make my word count of 50k. Whew! I’ll be fluffing out the story later, as I tend to write a bit short on my first draft anyhow. I printed out my certificate for my biz plan book, for motivation. 🙂

I’m excited about the Black Dog story, as it has a lot of sadness and conflict that my partner usually has us shy away from in the past. Since this one was mine, I got to do all the horrible things I wanted to, once I had permission to kill someone off. It was sad and difficult, and one day far in the future if I’m ever invited to speak at a writers’ con… if anyone asks about it, I’ll probably cry.

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Oh look, I made a travelers notebook with puffins for my mom, in the midst of writing for NaNoWriMo! I didn’t include all the extra goodies I normally would, since my mom’s not a planner gal. It has the cover with elastics, a folder, a booklet, and a calendar. Since it’s all removable, I wouldn’t be surprised if she just takes out the calendar and throws it in her purse.

Can you believe I discovered when I went to paint the cover, I had no good pink paint??? It was dried up dregs. So I’m slowly replacing my old paints as I find out what’s dead. I’ve had some of them like… 20 yrs. It’s not really a surprise. They only had bright fuscia-ish pink, so I had to mix it, and naturally spilled it down my pants and all over some forms on my desk. Go me!

The puffin’s wing wraps around to the interior, because I’ve never had a decent sense of scale. Ugh. But I think it’s cute that way.

The puffins are all watercolour and pasted on.

As you can see, it includes a pink BIC pen, because why not?

The booklet has matching papers for accents. I didn’t think to take a picture of the folder. It has a tropical island, because why not?

Nov 10th is day 59 of Shenanigans!

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And so it begins…

Update: November 5th–I made some cards to add to Mom’s Christmas gift, and I’ve completed 5 days of NaNoWriMo, bringing my #100DaysofShenanigans total to 53. I’m over halfway there!

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