Happy Solstice!

Midsummer Witch Cat by IceKat

Midsummer Witch Cat by IceKat

Went to Timmy’s today with Phrixy to get some art on. I haven’t been feeling particularly creative, with the anxiety of court hanging over my head. This is awful for me, because art is what I am in so many ways. The pain of stifling depression making it feel as though nothing matters is something I can’t fully describe, because even as I feel it, part of me is frantically trying to push that away. I’m not that way, not naturally.

Anyhow, my idea is maybe to do a witch kitty for each sabbat, and maybe make some sort of calendar or something with the pictures at the end. Not sure, and maybe it won’t happen this year, but I like this picture. I’m thinking it may be a bit more Lammas because of the sunflowers, but… Whatever. I painted this on Litha/summer solstice, so there.The cat is loosely based on our cat, Poet, who is a dilute calico.

It’s going to be available on items on Cafe Press, but I’ll link that when it’s ready.

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