Confetti Beaded Rose Book

Handmade book by IceKat

Handmade book by IceKat

I made this book with the leftovers from the iPad cover I made for Phrixy’s aunt. They’re very similar, except this one has a fringed spine, and the iPad cover has lace on the spine and some beaded pink lace across the front cover. This book is about 3.5×5.75″ fringe not included. Each page was tea stained by Phrixy for me. I really like doing this beading style, which I think of as ‘confetti style.’ I have no idea if it has a real name or not.The fringe is made from scraps of velvet, shredded pink ribbon, brown fibers, and mini pearl strings.

I will probably put this up on Etsy. I’ll link it here when I do, but you can also find it on my for sale page here.

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