Donations for St Vincent de Paul

I made a couple of travelers notebook journals to donate to a church fundraiser coming up. Not my usual style, but they help to use up papers I wouldn’t normally use. So it works out for me! Honestly, if I had an unending supply of hardcovers to cannibalize, I’d make more random donations like this because it costs me very little to help out. One more masculine, one very pink and fluffy-ish. I only got a photo of the blue one’s cover, but I have a few of the pink one’s interior.

This first one in blue has one booklet inside, with two elastics. There’s a matching folder with ephemera, and pockets inside the front and back covers for more tags and such.

The cover has burlap under the main image for a bit of texture. Inside, there are pages with positive words and home/family vibes.


The pink book… I actually really like it even though I’m not so much into pink for myself. I love how the boho feather looks on there. The washi tape on the stem isn’t actually what holds it on, but I thought it added a little something. There are touches of gold throughout the papers in this one, which is kinda nice.

This book has four elastics, two booklets, a folder with ephemera, and pockets on the front and back interior covers.


This is the interior front cover and first booklet. That pink paperclip has a charm on it, and you can see the tags and such in the pocket.




This is the back of the first booklet and front of the second.  Another paperclip with a charm. See, this paper collection is very pink and girly. LOL But that’s okay. I used a bunch of it for my Starless Sea project, so this is a good use for the rest…



This is the inside of the folder, along with the ephemera: tags, sayings, etc. I included a date book with both TNs, because I had them on hand and they’re approaching expiration. Better to have them get some use, I say!



And lastly, this is the back of the folder, and the inside of the back cover. I used the big butterfly as a tuck spot, which I did in the blue book also. I kinda like it now that I started doing that. The envelope has a wrap-around string closure, and is made from the page of strips that comes with most paper pads lately.

And that’s it for now. I hope these TNs help raise lots of money for their programs. I had fun putting them together. 🙂

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Boho Feathers

paper boho feathersBoho feathers, made with paper, gold wire, real feather fluffs, and bling. Some may get some sting and beads, we’ll see. The two ‘owl’ feathers on the left are for my Starless Sea projects, and the design was done in watercolour on regular copy paper.

I was introduced to these in a boho journal group, and I just love them! These go into journals for an extra dab of pretty.

So, the Starless Sea project… I read Erin Morgenstern’s new book recently and fell madly in love with the world of secret libraries, magic doors, beeswax, honey, keys, swords, owl kings, and so on. I just new I had to make at least one (but probably more) journals celebrating that world. So watch out for more creations for this project. It’ll likely take me a while to put it all together, since there’s a lot to do. 😀

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Holiday Antler Girls ATCs

I was a bit worried about doing the ATC swap, since I haven’t done any in a long while. But I want to get back into it, because the frequent art practice really improves my skills.

So here are my holiday antler girls! The challenge was to decorate them for the winter holidays in some way. My fave is the blonde with the candles on her antlers. It feels very Yule to me. I enjoyed trying to do some different skin tones as well.

These are watercolour with ink and gold and glitter gel pens for accents. You can’t see it, but there is sparkle in the flames, and I made some sparkle snowflakes behind the girl with the ribbons, in the green background.

So there’s my quick update. Just waiting to get the host’s address so I can send these girls along on time!

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Etsy Updated With New Goodies

I finally got off my butt and did my least favourite of things: Updating Etsy. I don’t know why, but it’s the worst part of the whole process of making and selling for me. It’s not like it’s difficult to fill in the information and upload this pictures. Let’s just call it Resistance, and leave it at that.

And the truth is, I have a bunch more journals that I need to photograph now that the weather isn’t nice for being outside… My own fault for procrastinating, of course. But I need to try to get decent light inside now and do it, because they need to find new homes!

I also put everything on sale, because why not? Hopefully I can clear out the studio and make new things to sell. 😀 Because it’s all about the making, and my piles of patterned paper are really getting out of control. LOL And I put the digital downloads on sale because MONEY.  Since we’re being honest.

The update isn’t huge, only 4 travelers notebooks. These include Ganesh (above), which is one of my absolute faves; the coffee journal on the right here, which… coffee is awesome; the Callanish standing stones book of shadows (below left), which has 3 booklets and is quite cool if you ask me, since I love the idea of being able to take sections out and change them around–this one is big!; and lastly the Farscape sci-fi book (below right), which was fun. I love that show.

These all (except for the coffee book) also include prints of my own artwork, because why not? That’s what makes them original. And I love the idea of upcycling old hard cover books into something people will use again as notebooks and planners.

So that’s it for now. I have errands to run today, and tomorrow is supposed to be a snow and freezing rain day, so maybe I’ll manage to get those other journals sorted out while I’m stuck inside then. Maybe. The lighting in here is just SO bad. LOL I’m still stuck in my head with my novels, so there’s that. It’s not like my procrastination involves doing absolutely nothing… One day it’ll be published, and that’ll be the work of a decade. No really. A decade. o.o

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Winner Winner!

I got my words in for “L3” at last! The story isn’t nearly done, but I finished NaNoWriMo early. I’m feeling scattery, though, so I think I’ll move back to “L1” and do some edits and fill in the holes my partner pointed out. I mean, “L1” needs to be finished first, anyhow…

Plus I have a few other things I need to get done on a deadline, if I’m going to participate, so off we go with those other things!

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Backpack Fix

So I started using my little backpack because a) I hope it helps my shoulder pain from arthritis, and b) it’s cute purple leopard print. After a few uses I realized that I’m used to having a pouch on the front or something for putting things I just want to grab easily, like my bus pass.

I have a few different kitty face pouches, so I thought maybe one of those would fit the bill. I was worried it might get torn off if I put it on the front, so I sewed it to the side instead. I should have checked my card in it first, but fortunately it just fits. Yay! And I think it looks pretty cute on there.

Now the only remaining aggravation is that the straps are a bit slippery. It doesn’t hold as much as I’d like, but maybe that’s for the best so I don’t make it heavier than I should be carrying.

Sometimes being crafty is actually useful. 😀

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Custom Envelopes and Paperclips

Some of these are entirely my own design, and some were made with digital paper kits from Etsy. I’ll try to remember to link the shop when I have a moment to look it up. I got some envelope templates from Shutterstock, and used them to create my own easy to use Photoshop templates for customizing with my own artwork, for adding to journals and such. I tried to divide them by source to avoid confusion.

This first set is entirely from the digital kit, with the bottom one using an effect from a separate kit.


This set is a combination. The Ouija board with planchette is from Shutterstock, the moonwater bottle and dish are my own art (watercolour) but the background is from the same digital kit as above. You can see it’s the same as behind the owl.

I really like the shape of this money envelope. The bottom tab on the back has the same shape as the top flap, so it looks pretty from the back as well when it’s closed up.

You’ll see below that I use the extra space on the printed pages to make faux stamps and postcards.

These envelopes feature my own artwork. Bastet is from an acrylic painting that still hangs on my wall. I think one day I’d like to give her a tail, but this is it for now.

The other is called Sunbathing, and it’s my most popular design on Cafe Press! It makes a cute envelope I think. The seashell on the flap came from Shutterstock, and it’s just there to fill up space and make the back pretty when the flap is shut.

I really love how these came out.

Next we have some paperclips using the stamps and postcards I made. The first set are from the digital kit. The moth got lots of play here, but also a dangling moon and star. You can also see the dangling moon in my moonwater envelope.

Lastly are the ones featuring my own artwork. Bastet, Sunbathing, and a triple moon candle are joined by the Ouija board and planchette from above.
You’ll notice that the large moth on the right as well as Sunbathing are both printed as postcards, and I think they came out nicely. The moth is a bit dark to see the postcard markings, but they’re quite clear on the catfish because of the lighter colours.

All in all, I’m really pleased with how these came out. I might create some specifically for a book of shadows printable or something like that. I really enjoyed making them! And digital products are much easier to manage for online sales. Time to update my Etsy!

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Christmas Gifties

So, because Canada Post offered free Tuesday shipping within Canada, I needed to make some things for Mom’s birthday and for Christmas. Here are a couple things I sent along to her.

First I made these greeting cards, based on some popular photos and art I’ve seen online lately. I think the first one with the green background is my favourite, though I love the starscapes on all of them.

These are all acrylic on kraft card, and include matching kraft envelopes. Quite nice to work on.

Next is a surname sign they can hang wherever works for them, since they have high winds living in Newfoundland near the water. It could be screwed right onto a fence or door, if desired. I think that might keep it safe. Otherwise it can hang inside.

The lighthouse is a real one (though with fewer outbuildings) from Newfoundland, but I can’t remember the exact name and location.

Last of all, some adorable gnome ornaments made from felt and fun fur. I saw a bunch of these online too, but wanted something smaller and easy to display rather than the larger sock plushies I was coming across. So I drew myself a pattern and sewed them up, lickity split!

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Inktober Start

So I decided I need to do more drawing as my skills are feeling rusty. Inktober would be perfect, right?

Naturally I’m a little behind, because there’s always so much to do even when you work from home. I had a couple editing clients in the middle of it all, but that’s good, right? I picked and chose my prompts from several lists I found, so that I could be working on things I’d like instead of feeling frustrated.

So these are a Midnight Unicorn, a Sugar Skull, an Elf Queen, and Cattitude.

I also needed to draw a couple characters from a future book I’m writing, because the image to me of a busted-nose bouncer type bodyguard looking after a 3 year old Genomo kid seemed adorable. So say hi to Sasha and Bijoux, who is the daughter of Hyacinth.

Yeah, the perspective is a little wonky, but at least I got it out of my head and onto the page. I’ll try to re-do it some time when I have the attention to spend.

So I haven’t continued with my drawings as yet, but I did record all my prompts so I can mess with it when I feel in the mood to take it up again.

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HUGE Lapbook In the Works

So I got started on my giant lapbook made with the books mentioned in my last post. I’m loving all the lapbooks I’ve seen online lately.

First I took out the pages, and then made a spine to connect the two books together in the middle so they fold out nicely. The spine is 3 inches across, and I reinforced all the spine hinges with Tyvek for strength over the long term.
On the front I pasted the labyrinth design I wanted to use, and traced it out with wool and glue to make it 3D. Over that I Mod Podged black tissue paper to keep everything in place. The idea is to smooth it out so that you can use it as a finger labyrinth when it’s done. There will be a lot of smoothing to do!

The entire book has been covered in tissue, and I’m working on a writing board and fold out envelope section for the far right side. I’ve installed the silk ribbons to tie in notebooks in travelers notebook style, and the ribbons to keep the whole thing closed.
I intend to have a usable Ouija board and Pendulum board inside, as well as a section for incense sticks, a pen, and other needful things. Basically, I’m hoping this will be useful as a take-along book of shadows or ritual workbook with places for all your basic gear and references or notes.

I’m loving it so far! More pictures to come as it progresses.

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